Stones of Winter: (Reverse Harem Serial) (Winter Princess Book 2)

***The omnibus version of this serial has now been released. If you want to read Wyn's story all in one go, I recommend getting the full book rather than reading the five episodes individually (it's cheaper, too).***

“Don’t ever scare us like that again,” Arc grumbles.
I take the bait. “Or what?”
“Or I’ll leash you and keep you within reach at all times.”

Wyn and her Guardians are trying to reach the entrance to her mother's realm. But there are a few things standing in her way - including someone wanting to kill her. And her attraction to her Guardians isn't making things easier either...

Episode 2 of the reverse harem serial Winter Princess. 18+.

***A new episode will be released every two weeks. Five of them will be bundled together at the end for those who enjoy longer books so they can read it in one go. If you don't like serials, please don't leave a bad review but wait until the omnibus edition is out.***

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