Blood and Revenge: Under the Skin Serial Part 4

***This is part four to a four part reverse-harem serial. Recommended for 18+ and is about 17,000+ words. There will be no cliffhanger***

"Lovers, vampires, and shifters, oh my!"

Lucy Bryant has finally been reunited with her men Hollis and Sloan, but now, she has another heart to add to the mix. Her maker Vex. His BloodLust induced haze has subsided and the guys seem to be open to having him added into the little love nest they've got going on.

Unfortunately, celebrating that will have to take a back seat.

Bellamy has released his drugged minion vampires loose in the city.
Buildings are burning.
Humans are dying.
And that precarious balance of peace between humans and vampires is toppling on its axis.

Can Lucy and her three men stop Bellamy from destroying the city? Or will she fail to get the revenge she desires for what he's done to them all?

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