Blood and Lust: Under the Skin Serial Part Two

***This is part two of a four part reverse-harem serial. Recommended for 18+ for language and sexual situations. It is approximately 18,000+ words. Note: this does end on a cliffhanger***

Lucy Bryant has just been saved by the mysterious and handsome STF Agent Hollis Grey after a ruthless attack. Things become complicated when it's suspected that the attack was a set up, and it all seems to be circling back to the reason Hollis showed up in Lucy's life in the first place.

As Hollis's case begins to heat up, so does Lucy's love life.

Her feelings for Hollis and Sloan are confusing the hell out of her and she can't decide who her heart wants more. Surprisingly, the guys are suggesting a 'why choose' option. Shouldn't that make things easier?

What's a vampire to do? With everything that's going on in her life, taking a vacation in the sun is starting to look more appealing than even blood...

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Blood and Ink
Blood and Lust
Blood and Bondage
Blood and Revenge

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