Goddess Unbound: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (The Airluds Trilogy Book 3)

How do you capture an all-powerful incarnated Goddess? You steal her memories so she thinks she's no one special. But even without knowing who she is, Airsha continues to play her part by finding a new love and turning an enemy into a valuable supporter of the Goddess' cause.

As the war intensifies and the final battle approaches, a lover will die and the world will be set ablaze. Only the unwavering support of the Airluds and the loyalty of two young airling troopers can help Airsha overcome her greatest challenges yet. But even they may not be enough against nightmares that never end.

In the final exciting conclusion to the Airluds Trilogy, the rebellious boy/girl, who grew into a powerful woman, wife and mother, reaches for her ultimate goal: a world in which the Goddess of All Creation is finally Unbound and magic is the birthright of all.

Some steamy (but wholly romantic) scenes may offend. Recommended for mature readers.

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