The Rules: Succubus Bargain Part 4 (Succubus Harem)

Seduction and anger make for awkward bedfellows as Adie struggles to settle into life with her new roommates. They run hot and cold, and every step she takes to explore the boundaries of her new home becomes a negotiation. If she can’t figure out their rules, she’ll have to make her own.

But there’s a silver-lining in the thunderclouds rolling into the city. With a new address comes a renewed determination to get her bakery plans up and running. However, an unexpected revelation might just stop Adie in her tracks. Can Adie live the life she wants, or will her succubus nature get in her way?

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

Reverse Harem Serial.

Complete Reading order For Succubus Bargain Book 1:
The Offer
The Deal
The Terms
The Rules
The Gain

Adie's story continues in the next story arc Succubus Studies:
The Torch

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