Karmic Justice (Child of Fate Series Book 2)

Kismet and her Guardians have settled into the Academy for a comfortable few weeks and all the First Years are looking forward to their First Patrol. The Summer Solstice is only a few days away and the Academy is buzzing with the arrival of foreign dignitaries and representatives from across the globe as they prepare for the annual High Council. But Kismet’s Guardians aren’t as excited as she is, and their meddling will trigger a series of events that send their Child of Fate on a whirlwind adventure…alone.

Kismet is forced to find a way to survive away from Reif, Liam, Mason, and Jax while they juggle the political nightmare of vampires, fae, shifters, mers, and humans gathered in one place to decide how to handle the catastrophic Collapse looming over them all.

Find out Kismet’s destiny in this second installment of the Child of Fate series as she discovers new people, places, and magic. Enjoy the mad scrambling of her four handsome Guardians as they fight to find some way to save their Scholar and their world.

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