Harem of Seas (The Greek Harem Saga Book 2)


I am a slave of Poseidon. Nothing more than a pet, like the three headed dog of Hades. But, as Poseidon’s most talented siren, I’m better than that. I deserve more.

When five gorgeous demigods insert themselves into my life, I find them more delightful than I’d care to admit out loud. But their betrayal is nothing compared to the wrath of Poseidon when he finds out what they planned for me.

Now I must choose between forgiving them, and getting my freedom, or remaining a slave, and getting revenge. Can I collect the pieces of my broken heart and save the men I’ve come to love, so they can save me?

Hold onto your panties for a wild, sexy, wet ride through reverse harem, Greek mythology style.

Harem of Chaos: Book 1
Harem of Seas: Book 2
Harem of War: Coming soon!

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