A Witch's Dark Craving: A Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy (Love on the Edge Book 2)

I grew up in the shadows, but I crave the light.

With two beautiful sisters and a stunningly powerful mother, I have always been invisible. I watch from the shadows, too scared to let others close but so jealous of their casual touches. Too much of any emotion—anger or love, pain or ecstasy—and my witchy powers flare out of control. Instead of living, I paint the lives of those around me, their desires, their secrets . . . but never myself. After all, who would want to gaze at me, the mousy, boring wallflower known as Chrysothemis Holt.

Carter does, the vampire bad boy with a line of willing partners a mile long. But why is he interested in me? Why not my siren of a sister Sadie, the ever-eager sexy witch? Why not the voluptuous vampire Dominatrix or the hot gay shapeshifter I live with? I may be innocent, but I’m no fool. Carter is hiding secrets behind those dark, sultry eyes. But he’s also the only person to ever truly see me. So just how far will I go for his touch?

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This is Book Two in the Love on the Edge Series and is also a great standalone paranormal romance with even more steamy romance intrigue, shapeshifting, telepathy and hot warlocks, witches and arousing sex scenes. Each book in the 4 book series follows a different feisty hero or heroine. Come live on the edge!

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