Delicate Beauty (A Lovely Dearest Series Book 1)

This is a 30k Novella!

Trisha was as unique as they come. With her inky black hair and violet purple eyes, she turned heads where ever she went. Since she was a little girl, it was her lifelong dream to enter into the agency and follow in her parent's footsteps as an FBI spy.
Unfortunately, with her looks and her talent for hacking and strategic planning she got assigned to an agent as a handler.
When one of her missions is comprised, Trisha finds herself running away from the dangers she had learned as well as running away from twin soldiers Triton and Tristan. Someone within the agency has flipped sides...but who?
Unfortunately, when you run, there's a downfall... the stopping.
And when that happens, you're more likely, to get caught.
She should have never stopped.

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