Silent Secrets (Faith Series Book 4)

*This is an RH or Reverse Harem Series*

My name is Faith. My name is Faith Iris - What the hell?

Life was perfect…. Until everything went downhill.
Flashbacks, dates with the McGuire brothers and death anniversaries have Faith fighting to keep her emotions in check and fighting to just keep it together.
When an argument turns ugly at the Children's Home Faith works at she is required to give a statement. What happens when she finds out that protocol requires parental permission before interrogation or statements? That it is the law. One that Detective Yasmin had neglected to uphold.
Tyler, Kayden and Lincoln have all expressed their desire to keep Faith in their lives, but now, all they want is for her to be safe…. surprisingly, so does someone else. It's going to take some courage, and possibly a miracle to get her out of this mess she’s in, but when she does, will she be ready for what is waiting for her on the other side? The Truth.

"Please state your name for the courts…."
"Faith Iris... Manto."

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