Gaining Ground (Faith Series Book 3)

*This is an RH or Reverse Harem Series*

“Which one are you dating?”

That’s the question Daniels has been asked many times by her guardian Sarah, but she’s managed to avoid answering thus far. While that question remains up in the air, a new question has arisen in the form of Tyler.
Tyler’s ex-girlfriend, Roxie.
No one is willing to explain why Tyler has been seen with her, not even Tyler, and Daniels starts having doubts about everything. Will Roxie step back into Tyler’s life or did she ever leave? The McGuire brothers told her to trust them. Shouldn’t they do the same?
On top of all of that, a detective from the past shows up, and flashbacks leave Daniels uneasy. The old adage, “When the fire gets hot, jump out of the water,” rings in her ears, but will she do it? With no driver’s license, no job, and no cash, she wants to make changes in her life, but so does another McGuire brother.
While Tucker is busy casting doubts about Tyler and trying to become her constant shadow, he also is offering her a lifeline.
A job. The question is... will she take it?

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