A Witch's Mortal Desire: An Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance (Love on the Edge Book 1)

My name is Sadie, and I’m a nymphomaniac.

Oh yeah... and I’m also a witch…with almost zero magical powers. The only place I fit in is with my two roommates—a vampire Domme and a gay shapeshifter. 
But against my better judgment, a new human in town wants to squeeze into our ménage à many. Of course, part of his charm is that my mother hates him. But before meeting Ryder, I never even considered letting some possessive, alpha-hole man-candy come between me and freedom.

Yet Mr. Tall, Dark, and Switchy likes to share…and to watch. Because wicked creatures still skitter around the blackened edges of the night, my friends and I must turn to my judgmental family for help.

How will I unlock my powers to fight the evil while embracing my true nature? How is Ryder, a mere human, the key? It looks like I’m about to find out.

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This is Book One in the Love on the Edge (Paranormal Romance) Series. Each one has an HEA. There are no cliffhangers and though you can read each as a standalone it'll be more fun (and you won't run into spoilers) if you read them in order. This story is a steamy page turner, with LGBTTQQIAAP and lesbian romance appeal. Each book in the 4 book series follows a different feisty hero or heroine. Come live on the edge.

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