Of Death And Darkness (Lady of Darkness Series Book 1)

Mel spends the first twenty-four years of her life as a loner. All she is trying to do is find her place to exist in the world. In walks a coven of sexy vampires, who teach her there is more to life than what she could ever expect. There's just one small problem...she will have to fight to keep it.

"It's so peaceful here at the ocean. You have the constant drowning of the waves crashing against each other and on the shore. The wind is never still. Always a nervous bee in your ear. If I've ever thought of any place as home, this would be it. Finding myself lost in my thoughts again, I take a seat in the sand and stare blankly out into nothing.

The silence is the first thing that I notice. The static behind my ears has been my companion for well over two years. So of course, I should notice when it decides to go on vacation. I'm automatically on alert. I don't stand or make any sudden moves, because I don't know where the precognition of danger is coming from.

If I hadn't been searching, I probably never would have seen them."

*This is a Reverse Harem novel with multiple mates and soon to be a series.
**Recommended age 17+ due to mature languages and situations.

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