"Is revenge really yours to take?"

I am dead. I died on the 31st of December, and ever since then, existence has been a nightmare.

Pain, pale blue eyes, and stars are the only memories I have to help me find my killer.

A vengeance spirit has given me my chance at revenge, but to get my vengeance, I must take others' revenge first.

My name is Christina. I am dead, I am undying, and I am vengeance.

***Trigger Warning***
This book contains content some may find triggering. If you have triggers and are concerned, please message me, or any of my group moderators, in 'Cece's Demon Den', and we will be happy to address your concerns.

***The current document word count is incorrect, please ignore it.***
***This will be a reverse-harem series, but the romance will develop over several books.***

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