Taking Flight (Teen Paranormal Romance Series) (The Caged Series Book 3)

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

After years of being an outcast, Lexus finally has a chance to reinvent herself at Magna Virtus Academy, a school for students with special powers. But she never dreamed she’d go from social reject to the star of the school. When Lexus develops a unique ability no one else has, half the students envy her, and the other half are fighting to be her new partner. Add in not one but two hunky boyfriends trying to share her affections, and Lexus is definitely in over her head.

As if all of that wasn’t overwhelming enough, something strange is going on with their kind, and Lexus’ ex-partner Jaxson wants her and her boyfriends to forget the fact that he tried to kill them long enough to help him uncover the mystery behind their missing parents.

With a suspect no one dares accuse and a dangerous criminal their only source of help, are the teens willing to risk everything to save their families?

If you like books by authors such as CL Stone, Amy Bartol, or JL Weil, you'll love Taking Flight!

This is a reverse harem series appropriate for ages 13+.



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For fans of:
Teenage Paranormal Romance Series
Teen Science Fiction and Fantasy
Teen Contemporary Romance
Teen Mystery and Suspense
Magical Realism
Coming of Age
Dating Relationships
Reverse Harem
Love Triangle


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