The Hostage Bargain (Taken Hostage by Kinky Bank Robbers Book 1)

Your First National Bank teller job duties:

  • Help customers with deposits and withdrawals
  • Cheerfully provide superior customer service
  • Steer clear of the lecherous bank owner who destroyed your family

Not in your bank teller job duties:

  • Cheerfully provide superior customer service when bank robbers arrive
  • Secretly lust after said robbers in their hot bad-boy masks
  • Get taken hostage
  • Realize that being a hostage frees you from the life you were utterly trapped in
  • Spend oodles of your evil boss's money at a luxury hotel
  • Agree to the robbers' kinky rules
  • Try not to be nervous in the elevator on the way to your first menage

"...she becomes Cinderella to three hot, dangerous criminals."
"So funny and so freaking addictive! This series is my favorite guilty pleasure!"

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